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Tel.: +233 302 400 173, Mobile: +233 244266171, 266266171

As the transport business blossomed Alhaji realized that he could no longer mix it with the sawn timber business so he concentrated solely on the transport and changed the sole proprietorship into Great Grunshie Transport in 1971. He latter dissolved this and established a new transport entity, GREAT GRUNSHIE COMPANY LIMITED and he became the Chairman and Managing Director.

Through strict adherence to the virtues of honesty, loyalty and hard work the growth of the new company became phenomenal and by 1980 Great Grunshie Company had a fleet of 80 Cargo trucks. The Board of Directors took a momentous decision to replace the fleet with articulated trucks and within three (3) years the Company had acquired twenty two (22) new tractor heads and trailers.

In the economically stressful period of the 1970s when consumer goods like milk, sugar, packaged foods, were in short supply consignments of such items always tested the honesty of transporters. Several transporters were found to have short-delivered some of these goods for their own benefit. It is on record however that none of such items in any consignment by Great Grunshie Company were short-delivered. Such was the commitment and honesty of Alhaji Adamu Iddrisu and his entire workforce.

Great Grunshie provided services to Government and private organizations. The following may be mentioned: Ghana National Trading Corporation (GNTC), Ghana Water & Sewage Corporation (GWSC), Ghana Food Distribution Corporation (GFDC), National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), Northern Regional Irrigation Project (NORRIP), Upper Regional Agricultural Development Project (URADEP), World Food Programme (WFP), and Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). These and several other organization were satisfied with the services of Great Grunshie Company Ltd.

During trying periods like the famine in the Northern parts of Ghana in 1991 and the Nanumba/Konkomba conflict in the north when all other companies withdrew their services, Great Grunshie continued to serve the Government and private institutions by carting goods to these areas and even donated its earnings to more food aid.

In the early 1950’s, Alhaji Adamu, as a teenager operated a small scale sawn timber enterprise in Accra (in the then Gold Coast, now Ghana). Hard work and truthfulness and sincerity brought him into contact with the builder of properties in Accra for A. G. Leventies. These qualities propelled him to greater heights as it secured him a contract for sawn timber supply to GNTC, a successor of A. G. Leventies. Alhaji sought for and won contracts to cart goods for A. G. Leventies, Cocoa for Ghana Cocoa Marketing Board and fertilizer for the Minstry of Agriculture.

By sheer dint of hard work, honest dealings with his clients he became a much sought after supplier of sawn timber and mover of goods. By 1966 Alhaji , when he realized that he had to develop his transport business alongside his timber trade set up A. A. Iddrisu Transport. As the business flowed in he was compelled to increase his fleet of vehicles and by 1971 had15 vehicles.

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This is to inform all stakeholders that Global Haulage Company Limited head office at Achimota is relocated to Tema directly opposite Tema Oil Refinery, adjacent Ferro Fabrik.

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