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Cocoa Evacuation

Global Haulage has been involved in Cocoa evacuation mostly for Cocoa Marketing Board. When the internal marketing of cocoa was privatized the Chairman decided to set up our own Licensed Buying Companies (LBCs) for cocoa evacuation. Consequently Global Haulage from 1997 started setting up a number of Licensed Buying Companies (LBCs) to support the haulage sector of the company, and to increase profitability. These are – Federated Commodities Limited (FEDCO), Transroyal (GH) Limited, Cocoa Merchants (GH) Limited and Royal Commodities Limited (CROCO). This group forms the second largest internal marketing entity in Ghana.

Global Haulage as a transport company hauls the largest tonnage of cocoa to port from the hinterland compared to all transporters in the country. During the last Main Crop season (2011/2012) Global Haulage hauled 193,507 tons of cocoa to port representing 22.01% out an annual total of 879,348 tons of cocoa purchased by COCOBOD.